A Holly, Jolly Christmas Adventure

Eleth lien na falathier al kalenthyir dar latherbethin varnyir marstur da na kaleth falthen zethis puth vantak fen gladith. Eleth na sanganir na maztak do heleth ri walnarthir haled falathiar khar rys. (Translation) Beware the northern land of twisted canes for it is ever-watched and will permit no warrior’s feet to pass its wastes unchanged. … Continue reading A Holly, Jolly Christmas Adventure

Aliens and Snowflakes

It was finally over. My boss let me cash in some of my vacation days right before Christmas so, with the days off I had already negotiated, I had almost the entire week free. His scowl as I left didn’t bode well, but that was a problem for another day. He was just upset because … Continue reading Aliens and Snowflakes