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Land of Outcasts

A world-weary gunslinger. A snarky battle unicorn. A new job at the edge of the known world. What could go wrong?

ELI ALWAYS HAS A PLAN. Whether those plans work is another matter entirely. Hiding from bounty hunters after a job gone wrong, Eli and his battle-unicorn partner, Sasha, hope to be forgotten in the expansive swampland known as The Green. When a woman named Marion offers them a job—help track down her banished father deeper in The Green—it seems like the perfect payday to tide them over.

However, surrounded by a web of secrets and with a dangerous enemy following behind, Eli and Sasha will discover that bandits and monsters are the least of their worries. Even if they survive The Green, completing their job and finding a way to go home will be no easy task. What’s a pair of mercenaries to do when faced with a dire situation and no good choices?

Something stupid, probably.

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Josh’s debut full-length play Of Murder and Madness was staged by The Footlights Theatre in Falmouth, ME in October 2019.

Josh is a regular participant at The Crowbait Club, with his work featuring in their annual King of Crows short play festival in 2018, 2019, and 2021.

Short Fiction:

“After the Questions” – Stonecoast Review, No. 11 – Summer 2019.

“Night of Darkness, Flames of Blood”The No Sleep Podcast, S14 E16.

“Night of Darkness, Flames of Blood” – NonBinary Review #12, March 2017

“An Unscheduled Visit” – Stolen Island 2015 (Limited publication)

“Flames of the Past: Part 1” – Current Magazine Jul/Aug 2015 (Limited publication)


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