Review: Dark Lies the Island

Dark Lies the Island by Kevin Barry My rating: 4 of 5 stars I continue to be surprised and impressed by Barry's work. Compared to his first collection, the stories in "Dark Lies the Island" do feel as though they have shifted a little in terms of style--at times more formal and direct than in … Continue reading Review: Dark Lies the Island


Review: Gideon Falls

I was incredibly excited to hear that Lemire and Sorrentino were reuniting for work on a completely original series--and my wait was not in vain. Indeed, this is the first series ever I have gone out of my way to read in single issues, and having read #1, I feel I made the right choice. … Continue reading Review: Gideon Falls

A Holly, Jolly Christmas Adventure

Eleth lien na falathier al kalenthyir dar latherbethin varnyir marstur da na kaleth falthen zethis puth vantak fen gladith. Eleth na sanganir na maztak do heleth ri walnarthir haled falathiar khar rys. (Translation) Beware the northern land of twisted canes for it is ever-watched and will permit no warrior’s feet to pass its wastes unchanged. … Continue reading A Holly, Jolly Christmas Adventure

Crafting a Plot Twist: or Don’t Lie to Your Audience

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash Alright, so I recently watched the movie 47 Meters Down - and I have thoughts. My thoughts are about plot twists in general, but they all stem from 47 Meters Down - so there will be spoilers. You have been warned. In brief, 47 Meters Down involves two sisters, … Continue reading Crafting a Plot Twist: or Don’t Lie to Your Audience