About Me


Official business first:

Josh Gauthier is a Maine-based writer. He has an MFA from the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast Creative Writing Program where he concentrated on popular fiction. He is also involved with the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance and the local theater community.

Elsewhere, he works as a librarian and a university writing assistant. He writes fiction and scripts in a variety of genres including fantasy, science fiction, dark fantasy/horror, and contemporary fiction. He is currently working on various short stories and a couple novels.

Less officially:

Josh spends much of his time drinking coffee and tea, seeking out good stories in a variety of forms, and coming up with all sorts of bizarre ideas – many of which will likely never see the light of day. (In some cases, this is a good thing).

Josh is a self-confessed idealist and romantic – albeit with a fair dose of realism mixed in. He believes in the power of stories, in the importance of words, and in the possibility of dreams to affect the world in a positive way.

He also likes dragons and grand adventure and such things, and hopes that writing fiction will be a way to brush up against the truths – the beautiful and the tragic – that are common to human experience.

(He will also admit that it feels weird to write a bio like this in third person, but it’s the way these things are often done.)

Welcome, reader. May you enjoy what you find here.


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