A Moment of Music

Silence. The click of a door closing, cutting off the sound of the party inside. Jenny turned away and walked to the edge of the roof. As she leaned on the stone wall that surrounded the top of the building, she breathed in the cool evening breeze that smelled of roses and memories. It washed over her like a gentle stream and whispered away into the distance. A long sigh escaped her lips and every thought, every fear, and every care fell away.

Stretched out below, the pale beach was stained blue in the moonlight. It returned each caress of the ocean waves – two lovers alone in the night, whispering secrets to each other that no other could hear.

Somewhere above, out of sight, a pair of seagulls called out in passing. The sky that held them shimmered with navy tones so rich they would be the envy of any painter who had ever laid a brush to canvas. A wisp of cloud danced across the face of the moon. Jenny felt her eyes drawn upwards to its pale face, glowing, shimmering in nightly vigil.

The breeze continued to wander by, and its embrace carried to Jenny a sense of refreshment. Everything carrying on in the hotel was nothing in those moments; it existed in another world, a world of distant stories. This darkness, this peace was her only reality. The waves below became musicians – their song, her orchestra – playing their masterpiece solely for her delight. The wind – her gentle love, caressing her face and whispering words of tender love in her ear. And over all, the moon stood by – her escort, her guardian – to watch over her and shield her from harm.

Turning away from the wall, Jenny lost herself to the moment.

She falls into the arms of her love, allowing him to sweep her away in his embrace. They dance across the rooftop, waltzing to the melody of the orchestra below. Twirling, spinning, laughing, the dance continues. The onlookers smile and whisper words of admiration. They give their blessing to the young couple. Jenny spins again and fills herself with the song. The very stars above, party guests arrayed in finest jewels, lose no time in joining in the dance. For her, there is only the music. There is only the dance. There is only the moment.

There is no knowing, if someone had stumbled upon that scene, if he would have understood what was happening. Would he have seen the beauty of her gown? Would he have heard the music?

And all the while, the princess and her love continue to dance to the song of the orchestra while a million shining stars waltz in unison, as if all the world had come alive with the magic solely to join in the celebration.

The door to the hotel opened, spilling harsh, artificial light across the rooftop, followed by the thudding of the music within.  But it closed again immediately, leaving only a lone figure leaning against the wall beside it. His mouth opened to speak, but then he paused. Maybe he did see what was happening. Maybe he recognized the princess for who she was. Whatever he saw, the young man restrained his words. Instead of speaking, he smiled. In his eyes, there glowed a mixture of joy and wonder that faintly echoed the magic of the scene before him. Perhaps the princess was not alone in enjoying the dance, was not the only one who could hear the song.

Jenny continued to dance, seemingly unaware that she was no longer alone. Neither she nor the young man spoke as the orchestra continued to play, and the stars continued to dance. No one broke the moment. All the while, the moon smiled down on the two young people while the breeze passed by, carrying the sound of the music down the beach and away.


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