The Voices

From every magazine the images

Scream the words that their silent

Mouths could never say. Across

The internet the messages

Multiply, grown a thousand-fold

By the monetary minds that seek

To grow their profits

At the expense of the youth.

They’re told what is the right way

To look, to act, to dress,

And through it all this mess

Of images, replaces whatever truths

Might have been. The dream of what

Could be is replaced with the lie

Of what now should be. And all

Who strive for a different star

Cannot be allowed to see

That what they are is just as good

As the mute images that invade their minds

And silence the scope of childhood dreams.

Violence guarantees that the hold is not broken.

All who resist are shoved down and left –

The true reason for their punishment unspoken

By those who dictate the futures of generations

Striving to see more than the television

Tells them is theirs for the taking.

Victimized youth, don’t believe all the lies.

There is so much inside you that is not defined

By the labels you wear or the attitude

You are expected to carry. You’re worth everything

Just because you are living, no matter the lies

That are fed to you daily. Don’t let the façade drown

Out the true voices, the voices that tell you

You’re worth more than this. Your life gives you value

And you need nothing more to determine your worth.

So drown out the lies with the cry of your voice.

They may not dictate our lives or our choices.

Culture is defined by what we wish it to be.

It is not for them to shape the way we

Will step into the future, and make it our own.

So put down the knife and get rid of the pills

And silence the voices that cry to us still.

You are never alone; your loneliest cry has been heard.

And no matter the message, just remember your worth.


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