To write, to dream—
Releasing one’s internal thoughts to the world;
Giving birth to a creation all your own.
Through writing you can lead others on a journey.
They can travel to the deepest places of the earth
Or fly through the stars in freedom.
They can become immersed in thoughts of darkness
Or have their spirits lifted higher than eagles soar.
It can be both a blessing and a curse,
And used for great good or great evil.
For a good writer has great power.
Words can sway the hearts of the world.
A single statement can unite people,
Or it can turn brother against brother.
It can give life or bring death.
The way to make any change, for good or evil
Is to take the gifts we have
And use them to achieve that change.
For God’s glory. For justice. For hope. For art.

For whatever end may lie before
Those that are faithful enough to see it through.
No great change has ever come easily,
But change will never come if the one trying to enact it
Turns away in defeat before the end is reached.
We must press on and through the struggle and
We will be rewarded with the fruits of our labor.
For if we press on, we will see that change happen,
And by the works of just a few people
Wars can be ended, and the hearts of people can be changed.
Once you discover your gifts, never lose them,
And whatever you do,
Never think that you are worthless.
For the greatest change can come from the smallest person
If you can only look deep inside
And find the strength to see it through.


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